Revenue Management

Sell at the right price, to the right person, at the right time

Everyday, your local market and competition are changing, different customers are thinking about booking. Change the ideal price at the right time and grow your revenue.

Revenue Strategy

Regiôtels will provide Revenue Management Services which includes a revenue strategy analysis. This process is to critically assess all of the aspects of revenue management including pricing, planning, distribution, competitor evaluation and contract management. The hotel can expect to receive 15 action points carried out by RegiÔtels with prior validation from the hotelier which will each contribute to an increase of net contribution.

Revenue Strategy

Revenue Management know-how

RegiÔtels has a revenue team with expertise in different fields to grow your revenue streams. We have background experience in the operational departments of hotels and have grown our knowledge in revenue management, e-commerce and distribution. 

Revenue Management know-how

Revenue Management Tools

An effective platform with technology and tools will be key for the Revenue Manager. A channel manager to connect to the OTA (Online Travel Agencies) and the set-up of a booking engine is a must for every hotel no matter how many room categories or services. A pricing system will be a critical component to optimise with the 3rd party platforms. 

Revenue Management Tools

Revenue Training and Guidance

RegiÔtels will provide a general presentation about RM in hospitality and provide information about the implementation of revenue management in your hotel. 

Revenue Training and Guidance

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How does it work?

We will review if your channel manager and booking engine have the right technology to manage a dynamic rate strategy. Otherwise, we will recommend one of the 7 systems we currently work with.

We understand the complexity for you as a hotelier to work with these systems and focus on simplicity and tools that can connect with your PMS (Property Management System) for your daily tasks of check-in, billing, and housekeeping. If a new system is installed, RegiÔtels will accompany you every step of the integration process.

We will do a competitor analysis to understand your position versus the market in terms of the relation between pricing and value perceived by guests. It will open-up information to better understand the position of your hotel in the market and therefore the future revenue management strategy.

Sometimes it is not possible to find the time if busy with guests. That is why continuity is so important. We will analyse the incoming reservations, check the online competitors, manage the planning and rates and adjust the strategy where needed, with the hotelier’s approval of course.

We always focus to increase the booking on your homepage by optimising the booking engine. We have experienced that guest will book higher room categories, more products and spend more on your booking engine if your booking process is optimised. Let us work together to increase the sales on your homepage

Now, we understand the system requirements and your position in the market, we can build up a revenue strategy for your hotel. This includes:

  • Selling of the right room types
  • Create seasonality and day types for different strategies
  • Target different guests with different rate offers
  • Optimize the direct bookings (via booking engine on your homepage)
  • Selecting the right channels to connect online (channel manager)

Analysing the Channel Manager statistics, suggestions for packages and promotions, history and forecast, one week prior to the meeting the hotel will need to send its statistics that RegiÔtels will not have access to, € 2,499 for a quarterly video conference meeting, 4 times a year inclusive telephone consulting, if you only book one meeting its 599€ with review of 3 months

Get your systems ready, complete set up Booking Engine and Channel Manager, 3 connections included, if more required, the cost per connection is € 99 per hour or over 7 days € 5,549

10 rates & 10 packages (for the Booking Engine)

10 categories, 3 connections (for the Channel manager)

Get your systems ready, update only of Booking Engine and Channel Manager, per hour € 99 over 6 days € 4,199
10 rates & 10 packages (for the Booking Engine)
10 categories, 3 connections (for the Channel manager)

Revenue Management Strategy Creation with Rate Value Matrix, price structure, calendar, room categories, rate conditions, packages, FIT rates, group pricing, presentation of the strategy via video conference, 2½ days prep + ½ day for the strategy meeting, all changes for the first six months after the meeting are included in the price, € 2,999

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