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Digital Marketing

Reach new types of customers through short- and- long-term digital strategies to look your best in front of every client and to improve your online reservations.

Sales & Marketing

We help individual hotels develop their activities on the markets they wish to acquire. Mix and match segments to target the right clients for your hotel.

Revenue Management

Every day, your local market and competition are changing and different customers are thinking about booking. Charge the ideal price every time and grow your revenue.

RegiÔtels is an agency dedicated to supporting independent hoteliers in developing their direct digital business

We guide and deliver through the whole commercial process from hotel revenue management and customer segmentation and pricing, through hotel digital marketing and technology infrastructure, to online presence and direct sales activities.

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We help you in particular by improving your digital presence

In large hotel chains, the development of digital strategies is very often complementary to the basic hotel trades, while independent establishments do not necessarily have the financial and human resources to have these additional functions.

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How does it all work?

  • Follow-up and maintain an event calendar in both the Revenue Management System (if there is one) and Excel
  • Analysis of past data
  • Analysis of pick-up of yesterday by segmentation and booking status
  • Weekly reporting with analyzes
  • Set-up of pricing strategy with General Manager and Revenue Manager contacts

For more information, head over to our Sales and Marketing page.

Your revenue manager will be in touch via video conference, email and telephone as often as the hotel requires to ensure a swift and effective communication, and changes in pricing will always be validated in advance by the hotel. Some of our partner hotels like to keep a very close eye on this area, others have entrusted all validated pricing strategies and execution to our experts. Please visit our videos here

RegiÔtels is there primarily to save you time and help generate more income while increasing your direct business. Our specialists analyse all available data, from visitors to your website, feeder markets to your region, calendar impacts of those visiting (such as school holidays), local market events, previous trends, future events and competitive data to provide the best rate for the day versus the competition. Please visit our Revenue Management page here

  • Creation and implementation of Sales & Marketing Action Plan
  • Sales calls, creation, set up and negotiation of contracts (Leisure & Groups, other assistant Corporate, …)
  • Searching for new Partners/new business opportunities (mainly Leisure and Leisure Groups)
  • B2B Emailings on Regiotels Database (Leisure Tour Companies, Leisure Groups Bookers and Meeting Planners)
  • Provide the hotel with a greater diversity of channels in order to reduce dependency on OTAs
  • Open new markets for the hotel

For more information, head over to our Sales and Marketing page.

In the first month, you will receive a strategy that is proposed for the year and within six months of partnership, you will receive visits from the sales team to be able to speak first hand when concerning your property. Please visit our videos here

The RegiÔtels specialists set about targeting individual travellers by making links tour operators and travel agencies as well as pro-actively seeking opportunities with other online travel agencies and marketing portals. For more information, please see our sales page here

  • Google My Business review, for example replacing any photos that are either not optimal or those featured with logos of others removed.
  • Google Analytics (GA) Review – Creation of guidelines. If RegiÔtels has control over the hotel website, a full integration of GA is included.
  • Facebook & Google Ads; Development of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing direct bookings, growing social media following and interaction, acquisition of new emails for the hotel’s database, and other goals to be established according to the property’s needs.
  • Increase hotel online visibility (across all channels) with creation and diffusion of online adverts, flash sales, e-campaigns, …
  • Set-up and management of new distribution systems or booking channels (GDS, new Online partners etc.)

For more information, head over to our Sales and Marketing page.

In the first month of partnership, you will be presented with a strategy for the year that will include key dates and which markets are advised for which actions. For more information, please see our videos here

Everything to do with your digital presence from the website to the social media posts, RegiÔtels has a specialist to help. Whether it be monitoring and enhancing your presence across booking.com and the like, guiding more people to book directly on your own website or ensuring that there is an online engagement with your fans and followers. For more information, please visit our Digital Marketing page here

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