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Reach new types of customers through short- and long-term digital strategies to look your best in front of every client and to improve your online reservations.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Enhance Your Online Presence

Focusing on enhancing your digital presence wherever possible online, the digital team optimize the texts, photos, imagery and design to ensure that partner hotels appear fresh, bookable and appealing to potential visitors presented in the languages that are of interest to the people booking. Fashions, styles and presentations change – photographs taken with the wrong lens or only a few years old can in some cases look dated and have an impact on the overall impression of the hotel – and therefore the conversion to booking.

Enhance Your Online Presence
Understand Your Guests

Understand Your Guests

Creating dialogue with an existing following and potential visitors ensures that the hotel is always relevant to the target audience, even more so in times where travel is restricted. More than ever, national business is of high importance and RegiÔtels is expert at dissecting the population to target the key potential feeder markets through analysis of your website and social media data. It is important not to use your online channels to simply push news about a menu – this does not encourage much new business. The experiences, opportunities and memories need to be focused on to ensure that there is a booking converted from all online channels.

Understand Your Guests
Your Own Digital Team

Your Own Digital Team

Creating engaging content can be the difference between an active and engaged social media page and tumble-weed online. Growing the social media following with quality creative content leads to a better ranking of the hotel, to better awareness of the property, and to new business. RegiÔtels provides independent hotels with a dedicated digital marketing team so that your hotel can stand out when it comes to competing with established brands and larger players in the tourism industry.

Your Own Digital Team
More Direct Bookings

More Direct Bookings

The core aspects of the digital team’s offering concern passive digital marketing are included in the packages and pricing offers, but there are also à la carte services that can be established in the shortest possible time frames and can be useful for content creation promoting ad-hoc events or other elements of the hotel. We help you reach new types of customers by creating compelling digital advertising campaigns, modern websites, and making you look your best from social media to Online Travel Agencies. We create long-term online presence strategies to tell the right story and increase your direct bookings.

More Direct Bookings
You look after the guest, we look after the rest. ​

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The All-Inclusive Offer

1 € per room per day

Our full package focuses on all our services, including:

▷ Revenue management and customer segmentation


▷ Digital marketing and technology infrastructure

▷ Direct sales activities and international representation

The Digital Offer

999 € / month, 3% commissions

Reduce your commissions on online travel agencies and increase your direct bookings:

▷ Booking engine and channel manager set up

▷ Website creation, translation, and maintenance

▷ SEO review and traffic analysis

▷ Advertising campaigns

▷ Email database maintenance ​

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pricing a la carte

Combine our services and create an offer that fits your project:

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Revenue consulting?

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How does Digital Marketing work?

  • Google My Business review, for example replacing any photos that are either not optimal or those featured with logos of others removed.
  • Google Analytics (GA) Review - Creation of guidelines. If RegiÔtels has control over the hotel website, a full integration of GA is included.
  • Facebook & Google Ads; Development of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing direct bookings, growing social media following and interaction, acquisition of new emails for the hotel’s database, and other goals to be established according to the property’s needs.
  • Increase hotel online visibility (across all channels) with creation and diffusion of online adverts, flash sales, e-campaigns, …
  • Set-up and management of new distribution systems or booking channels (GDS, new Online partners etc.)
In the first month of partnership, you will be presented with a strategy for the year that will include key dates and which markets are advised for which actions. For more information, please see our videos here
Everything to do with your digital presence from the website to the social media posts, RegiÔtels has a specialist to help. Whether it be monitoring and enhancing your presence across and the like, guiding more people to book directly on your own website or ensuring that there is an online engagement with your fans and followers. For more information, please visit our Digital Marketing page here
A website requires regular updates to remain relevant. Actions such as package uploads, a constantly changing menu selection, periodic picture updates, and the creation of new on-demand pages are central to our offer and the success of your digital strategy.
It is essential for your business to secure important and personal data, both yours and that of your clients. One of our goals is to avoid any website downtime, to keep your database secure, and to maintain user trust.
An easy-to-use, responsive and attractive website is a key tool to generate direct bookings. Our aim is to convey your brand’s identity, to display the most accurate information, and to drive new business via your own booking system.
Online ad campaigns play a central role in driving new business to your property. Our ad campaigns range from passive ad placements to actively seeking out previous website visitors, putting your hotel in front of the right customer, growing your social following, and communicating your offers to those who are more likely to book with you.
Keeping in contact with regular, new and potential customers is a necessary step to generate direct bookings and to build customer loyalty.
Development of partnerships and creation of campaigns for promoting the hotel with events venues, tourism portals, content creators, and on advertising platforms.
Creating captivating content is an essential tool to influence your customers. We make sure your page is populated with interesting and regular posts so that your website feels relevant and adheres to best SEO practices.
Upon checking your website’s key demographics, we translate your content to the main feeder market languages to make sure booking directly on your website is as easy as possible in any language relevant to your hotel.
Having information on your Google My Business profile facilitates search-result traffic to your website, leading to an improved user journey.
It is essential to analyze user traffic data to learn how your potential guests reach your page and how they behave on it. This allows us to create the right strategy for the right customer at the right time.
By analyzing the behavior of your online visitors, we can track what kind of page or service is in higher demand and where our efforts are more likely to generate a significant return on investment.
Creation of guidelines for Google Analytics. If RegiÔtels has control over the hotel website, a full integration of Google Analytics is included.

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Creative Content

WebÔwat takes over all aspects of content to optimize your return on investment, from editorial planning to experience design.

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Website Creation

WebÔwat helps businesses leave a mark on the web from the concept of the page to the delivery of year-long updates.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

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